Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Attended event: Christ Temple Church Youth Service

Christ Temple Church Youth Service

This was my first time ever being in charge of putting together the youth service at my church. My pastor allowed me to gain more time to make sure that this event was correctly done. My goal was to have our own youth see what other kids their own age are doing for the Lord, and to know that it's a cool thing. I often find that some kids are ashamed of their faith and think it's not cool to be God's friend, so my goal was to reveal that their are kids just like them who love God openly, which is a beautiful thing. 

Praise Dance Selection
There were many youth singing theirs hearts out to God, there was a praise dance, a skit, and more. The fellowship among the people was amazingly powerful and made an impact on those in the building. My sister and I led the service, and we also had some guest churches participate. The sense of community was heartwarming and had such a beautiful atmosphere in the presence of God. 

Our guests and church members ;)

Wood, Westwood, and Thompson stated that youth workers increasingly engage with young people in a variety of settings where they are compelled to attend (Pg. 4). I realized that through this event, I made connections with other youth ministries, which also helped me to put this event together at my church. I read a quote in a reading titled A world where youth hold the power, and it stated "It's critical for young people to be at the center of change in every community". This event gave our youth a moment to exemplify their lives changed through God, and their positive lifestyles. Many adults were happy and inspired to see this through our youth.
 Me being a Youth Development Major has helped me to see the greater picture with our youth. I see potential and strength in the youth at my church. Doing this event has inspired me and started a flame within me that is set on committing to mentoring the youth at my church, especially through the Sunday school where I am an assistant. As they grow older, I want them to know that I am here for them. It was through this event that I learned about using the connections I have to reach a goal, and to know that fellowship is important for our youth. I am so blessed to have experienced such a powerful night!

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