Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blog #9

How does this new text help you explain this major and what you have chosen as your academic career?

This text has helped me to answer by confirming the idea I had learned about Youth Development through the course. I learned that it is not so much about focusing on helping a child make a positive transition, but it's about focusing on the present situation and guiding the child to make better choices to improve. Overall, this course has helped prepare me to understand the Youth Development more, and helped me to understand that my job goes far beyond just helping kids, but it's about mentoring them to see far beyond where they think they will see the bigger opportunities they can have.

This is how I would answer:

Youth Development is far more than just working with young people, but it's about positively guiding them into their highest aspirations. We youth workers go far beyond leading the youth,but we lead with them, providing them the chance to step into their own leadership positions. We help them to see what they are absolutely capable of when it comes to being a shining light in the darkness. We are mentors and we also build respectful relationships with our youth to support them throughout their independent growth as a young person entering adulthood.

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