Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog #8

My three comments about R.K. videos:

Center For Resilience

(1) The videos were very interesting to watch. I found it to be very interesting to see how, in the Amy Leclaire video, a child used one of the methods to stay calm and relaxed. For example, the bottle with the glitter mixed with water inside.

(2) I never knew about this program. I was really intrigued to see how they were effecting Paul Cuffee because that school is a part of my community. I really connected with this video solely because I am familiar with the school, so it was good to hear how a student has made positive improvement through this program.

(3) Overall, it was interesting to see a lot of kids involved with this program and to also see how it is effecting them positively.

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Any thoughts I want to share???

Even though I have never heard of this program before, watching these videos helped me to see the different, unheard of, programs that are in effect to help our youth out.


  1. Hey Lee Lee,

    Great blog. I'm sure you could use some of these techniques in your music classes!

  2. Hi Lee Lee,
    I liked your post. I am excited for the glitter activity tomorrow! I love sparkles!
    Take care,

  3. Hey Lee Lee,
    I really enjoyed your blog. I am with you on not ever really knowing about these programs prior to this blog. Its amazing what these programs are capable of doing for our youth and even us at youth workers.