Monday, October 31, 2016

Blog #7

After exploring the resources on Rock the Vote and the NYT Blogs, what questions do you have about this election?  What makes you want to vote?  What makes you shy away from the voting booth?  Do you feel well informed about the issues and candidates?  Does this election draw you in or alienate you? Certainly the youth that you are or will one day work with share some of the same anxieties as you!  In 250-500, reflect on these questions and include at least three specific questions to ask in class this week.  

The questions that I have about this election are:

  1. What educational background does someone need to have to be a possible presidential candidate? Does one's education need to reflect a political background?
  2. When was the idea of Republican and Democrat established?

What makes me want to vote is having my voice heard. Although many people state that our voices do not matter, because the Electoral College has the final say in who becomes President, it is my right and responsibility as a citizen of the United States to speak my mind through a ballot as to whom I believe fits best for the Presidential seat. What makes me shy away from the voting booth is seeing names listed for different chairs in Rhode Island, who I have never even heard of. I don't know who half of the people are on the ballot, and the only time that I see people running for office is when they want my vote. After that you never hear from, or even see them involved in the community as much as they should be. I do feel very well informed about the issues and candidates, especially because I have seen the debates. I feel confident enough to say that this election draws me to vote, because I am very concerned as to who is running for President this year (I do not want him as President).

Here are my 3 questions:


  1. How do you converse with a youth who may have opposing views about whom you choose to vote for?
  2. In what ways can we educate our youth about politics in a fun manner?
  3. Do most of us affiliate ourselves with a particular political party, because of our family?


  1. Lee Lee you brought up a good point about if we label our political party because of what our family has chosen or for our own perspectives.
    Great Job,

  2. Lee Lee your second question was really interesting. I also want to know how can we teach politics to youth in a fun manner specially if they are really young.
    Awesome blog post!

  3. Hi Lee Lee,

    I agree. I don't want him as President either. I also agree with you that I think our votes do count, even though the system could be improved. I would like to know more about the elections, especially the local candidates, as well.

    Take care,


  4. Lee Lee,
    I really enjoyed your questions that us raised for this election. When it comes to youth we need to find ways to inform all this information in a way that they can grasps. Also I enjoyed the last question which I feel is definitely something important. Awesome job!

  5. Hii Lee, I so agree with you,the main reason I voted this election, is to decrease the chance of him becoming our president.