Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blog Post #6 (Nakkula and Toshalis Chapter 2)

Blog post #6 on Nakkula Chapter 2 — What is context mapping? (What did Mitch ask Julian to do?) Make a context map for yourself (see LB MAP and CM Map for models). List the four different identities (on page 28) and describe each one. (due Tue 10/25 by midnight)

Context Mapping is when, for example, when Mitch asked Julian to list the various spaces and relationships he must negotiate each day (Pg. 29). It's when you learn about, not only yourself,but who or what you associate yourself with that mold you into the very person you are. The very people or things you associate yourself with contributes to your perspective on how you see things in life. For example. I am a Christian, and one of the things about me being a Christian is how I learn to trust God, and he helps me to see things more positively than negatively.

The four different identities:

  1. Achieved Identity: when someone shows commitment out of the things they want/pursue in life
  2. Foreclosed Identity: when someone is committed to a path they want in life without considering other options.
  3. Moratorium: when someone is exploring roles, beliefs, behaviors, and relationships without making a commitment. 
  4. Diffuse Identity: when someone has the desire for something they want to achieve in life but shows no commitment whatsoever.
Here is my very own context map!


  1. Hi Lee Lee,

    I really like your context map. It is very creative and it really shows all the different aspects of your life. Thank you for your post.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Lee Lee,
    I agree with Madelin, I really enjoyed your context map. It showed creativity along with the important things in your life. Awesome job!