Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blog event about going to Delsesto Middle School

PASA and Gina Raimondo

I went to DelSesto Middle School to represent Youth Development with my class. We prepared our elevator speech about what this field is about, so that we could explain to Governor Raimondo what we do, and how that connects with the work that PASA does with the after school program. We toured the middle school building where we got to see kids interacting with one another, and at one point helping one another. PASA is an incredible after school program which provides students the opportunity to explore their likes and dislikes, and even inspiring them to think about what they aspire to be as they get older.

In the article A world where youth hold the power, there are many stories that tell us about how people have grown to find their voices in Youth In Action. This is pretty much the same thing with the after school program PASA. Many young people attend these after school programs to either try something new, and or to understand their likes and dislikes as a unique individual. PASA is place for kids to be in safe, nonjudgmental environment where they are free to be who they are. In This is Youth Work: Stories from Practice on page 42, Youth workers/mentors, especially in PASA, looks for and embraces the in built possibilities of young people. If a child is having difficulty learning how to do something, they are not told to try something else, but they are helped and encouraged to keep trying only because it is new to them.

The tour was absolutely incredible and gave me the opportunity to see what my soon to be job will be like. I enjoyed being a part of the team, and as we entered the rooms of the after school programs, I got to see how much fun the kids were having. For example, kids were crocheting, hip hop dancing, making stress balls, and movies out of play figures. The goal was to present the importance of these after school programs to Governor Raimondo, and it was a success. I learned that programs like these reach to higher power to prove its needed existence. This event definitely helped to give me an idea of how passionate I should be when representing an organization, especially when it is a nonprofit.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Attended event: Christ Temple Church Youth Service

Christ Temple Church Youth Service

This was my first time ever being in charge of putting together the youth service at my church. My pastor allowed me to gain more time to make sure that this event was correctly done. My goal was to have our own youth see what other kids their own age are doing for the Lord, and to know that it's a cool thing. I often find that some kids are ashamed of their faith and think it's not cool to be God's friend, so my goal was to reveal that their are kids just like them who love God openly, which is a beautiful thing. 

Praise Dance Selection
There were many youth singing theirs hearts out to God, there was a praise dance, a skit, and more. The fellowship among the people was amazingly powerful and made an impact on those in the building. My sister and I led the service, and we also had some guest churches participate. The sense of community was heartwarming and had such a beautiful atmosphere in the presence of God. 

Our guests and church members ;)

Wood, Westwood, and Thompson stated that youth workers increasingly engage with young people in a variety of settings where they are compelled to attend (Pg. 4). I realized that through this event, I made connections with other youth ministries, which also helped me to put this event together at my church. I read a quote in a reading titled A world where youth hold the power, and it stated "It's critical for young people to be at the center of change in every community". This event gave our youth a moment to exemplify their lives changed through God, and their positive lifestyles. Many adults were happy and inspired to see this through our youth.
 Me being a Youth Development Major has helped me to see the greater picture with our youth. I see potential and strength in the youth at my church. Doing this event has inspired me and started a flame within me that is set on committing to mentoring the youth at my church, especially through the Sunday school where I am an assistant. As they grow older, I want them to know that I am here for them. It was through this event that I learned about using the connections I have to reach a goal, and to know that fellowship is important for our youth. I am so blessed to have experienced such a powerful night!

Blog #9

How does this new text help you explain this major and what you have chosen as your academic career?

This text has helped me to answer by confirming the idea I had learned about Youth Development through the course. I learned that it is not so much about focusing on helping a child make a positive transition, but it's about focusing on the present situation and guiding the child to make better choices to improve. Overall, this course has helped prepare me to understand the Youth Development more, and helped me to understand that my job goes far beyond just helping kids, but it's about mentoring them to see far beyond where they think they will see the bigger opportunities they can have.

This is how I would answer:

Youth Development is far more than just working with young people, but it's about positively guiding them into their highest aspirations. We youth workers go far beyond leading the youth,but we lead with them, providing them the chance to step into their own leadership positions. We help them to see what they are absolutely capable of when it comes to being a shining light in the darkness. We are mentors and we also build respectful relationships with our youth to support them throughout their independent growth as a young person entering adulthood.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog #8

My three comments about R.K. videos:

Center For Resilience

(1) The videos were very interesting to watch. I found it to be very interesting to see how, in the Amy Leclaire video, a child used one of the methods to stay calm and relaxed. For example, the bottle with the glitter mixed with water inside.

(2) I never knew about this program. I was really intrigued to see how they were effecting Paul Cuffee because that school is a part of my community. I really connected with this video solely because I am familiar with the school, so it was good to hear how a student has made positive improvement through this program.

(3) Overall, it was interesting to see a lot of kids involved with this program and to also see how it is effecting them positively.

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Any thoughts I want to share???

Even though I have never heard of this program before, watching these videos helped me to see the different, unheard of, programs that are in effect to help our youth out.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Blog #7

After exploring the resources on Rock the Vote and the NYT Blogs, what questions do you have about this election?  What makes you want to vote?  What makes you shy away from the voting booth?  Do you feel well informed about the issues and candidates?  Does this election draw you in or alienate you? Certainly the youth that you are or will one day work with share some of the same anxieties as you!  In 250-500, reflect on these questions and include at least three specific questions to ask in class this week.  

The questions that I have about this election are:

  1. What educational background does someone need to have to be a possible presidential candidate? Does one's education need to reflect a political background?
  2. When was the idea of Republican and Democrat established?

What makes me want to vote is having my voice heard. Although many people state that our voices do not matter, because the Electoral College has the final say in who becomes President, it is my right and responsibility as a citizen of the United States to speak my mind through a ballot as to whom I believe fits best for the Presidential seat. What makes me shy away from the voting booth is seeing names listed for different chairs in Rhode Island, who I have never even heard of. I don't know who half of the people are on the ballot, and the only time that I see people running for office is when they want my vote. After that you never hear from, or even see them involved in the community as much as they should be. I do feel very well informed about the issues and candidates, especially because I have seen the debates. I feel confident enough to say that this election draws me to vote, because I am very concerned as to who is running for President this year (I do not want him as President).

Here are my 3 questions:


  1. How do you converse with a youth who may have opposing views about whom you choose to vote for?
  2. In what ways can we educate our youth about politics in a fun manner?
  3. Do most of us affiliate ourselves with a particular political party, because of our family?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blog Post #6 (Nakkula and Toshalis Chapter 2)

Blog post #6 on Nakkula Chapter 2 — What is context mapping? (What did Mitch ask Julian to do?) Make a context map for yourself (see LB MAP and CM Map for models). List the four different identities (on page 28) and describe each one. (due Tue 10/25 by midnight)

Context Mapping is when, for example, when Mitch asked Julian to list the various spaces and relationships he must negotiate each day (Pg. 29). It's when you learn about, not only yourself,but who or what you associate yourself with that mold you into the very person you are. The very people or things you associate yourself with contributes to your perspective on how you see things in life. For example. I am a Christian, and one of the things about me being a Christian is how I learn to trust God, and he helps me to see things more positively than negatively.

The four different identities:

  1. Achieved Identity: when someone shows commitment out of the things they want/pursue in life
  2. Foreclosed Identity: when someone is committed to a path they want in life without considering other options.
  3. Moratorium: when someone is exploring roles, beliefs, behaviors, and relationships without making a commitment. 
  4. Diffuse Identity: when someone has the desire for something they want to achieve in life but shows no commitment whatsoever.
Here is my very own context map!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blog #5

In 1-2 paragraphs, discuss what you learned about yourself from the Ideology Inventory.  Where do your values lie when it comes to Youth Work?

-After doing this ideology horoscope, I have learned that I lean more towards Positive Youth Development. When it comes to Positive Youth Development, the beliefs are based on External Assets involving support from family, adults, peers, etc., empowerment like safety and having a voice, and boundaries involving family, peers and school. You also have Internal Assets which involves commitment, positive attitudes, social competencies, and positive identity.

Image result for youth working together
Make a Difference!
-When it comes to my values involving youth work, I care a lot about making a positive impact on the youth. I find that it is very important to lead our youth into a brighter future, and you can't let them lead their own life completely. There is a saying that says "It takes a village to raise a child" and I honestly agree with it. A community, family, friends, acquaintances and so many other people all play an active role in shaping the life of the individual. As for me and my destined to be career, I hope to be the one who has positively helped to change a life!

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